Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, MD - 2001
Stefan cel Mare avenue, 65, office 714
Tel. +373 22 27-69-79, 54-91-22
Mobile: +373 691-056-85

Founded in June 2001 the Associated Advocacy Bureau Durleşteanu & Partners is considered to be among the most respected law firms in Moldova.

Being specialized in International and Corporate Law we provide services that include business assistance, legal consulting and advocacy dominantly to foreign investors and multinational companies.

Our experience is enriched permanently with different untypical cases and solutions thanks to the creativity concept of the Bureau.

The motto of the Durlesteanu & Partners is:  better to avoid problems rather than having to solve them. Respecting this policy in our every day activities, allows us to create a solid and safe environment for all of our clients, meaning that we are here for you in any risen problem. With this concept we walk side by side with a new client in order to help and establish their new business here, in the Republic of Moldova, under our laws.

This added benefit also gives the opportunity to avoid any unnecessary and unfeasible court litigations, due to the fact that we at 'Durleşteanu & Partners'  have already underwent and completed the necessary information required upon your request to us.

We are proud to admit that our international clients have already used our legal concepts and have all been successful in reaching their goals and ambitions in the Republic of Moldova.

Apart from our professional legal skills, all our staff members posses an excellent knowledge of English, Romanian and Russian languages. Some of our members speak also French and Italian. This important benefit allows many of our clients to freely express their ambitions, problems and opinions to our lawyers in delicate, private and confidential issues.

Trust and loyalty are the key distinguishing features of 'Durleşteanu & Partners' Advocacy Bureau. That is why you can use any of our services provided by our legal licensed lawyers who have the right to pursue any of our client's cases in civil trials, administrative or criminal procedures in Moldova.

The experience of 'Durleşteanu & Partners' has a full record of succeeded trials for and behalf of our clients, which also includes trials against public authorities in Moldova.

For more than 10 years we have been collaborating with the most famous world widespread law firms and this collaboration gives us the opportunity to adopt the successful experience of our colleagues in order to perform our self up-grade and to assure high quality service on an international level.

We are here ready to advise and assist you whenever you need or require our assistance.

Sincerely Yours,
Victor Durleşteanu,
Attorney at law
Director of the Associated Advocacy Bureau
'Durleşteanu & Partners'